Chris Walker's Oxford Pub Index

The Oxford Pub Index

This now includes every pub within Oxford's ring road (and a few good ones outside) - all 142 of them. I welcome your comments and recommendations to help me keep this list up to date. [These now pass to Dan Lovegrove. I’ve tried to provide updates where possible although there will undoubtedly be some gaps.]

The index specifies the pub's name, its approximate location, and the real ales usually available in that pub. Each pub is given star ratings from 1 to 5 for beer quality, value for money, and atmosphere. There is also an indication of whether the pub serves food (particularly if it's good), but this index is primarily intended as a drinkers guide. For this reason the list also excludes appallingly themed wine bars, bistros or cafes that sell a bit of booze. I can be snobbish in my old age. Finally, most pubs have a few brief comments. I accept no responsibility for liver cirrhosis, bankruptcy, arrest or failure to obtain degrees.

The opinions given of each pub are purely in the eyes, ears and palates of Chris Walker (taking into consideration any recommendations), and everyone else is free to their own opinions. If you think I've done somewhere a complete injustice, let me know (but no flames please!).

This pub index was first conceived by Pete Clarke, sadly departed, in 1992 and all the original research was done by him, at great personal suffering, over the next few years. Assisting him in his thankless task were no less luminaries than Jason Bletcher, Matt Turnbull and myself, who gave up their livers that others might prosper.


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