BIKE FLEET LIST, post June 1993


1.Red Elswick CURRENT 1059 Zorin

2.Good Peugeot Elan Racer CURRENT

3.Ladies Peugeot Racer (Loan) J. Watkins

4.Cream/Brown Girls Racer (Epsom) cannibalised, frame dumped

5.Big Black Racer, solid tyres removed by college

6.Yellow Racer Crick Road Parts removed, frame removed

7.Blue Falcon Racer, centre pull bks cannibalised, frame dumped 1193 Moonraker

8.Red Hercules Ladies town bike Sold (D. Williams) 1319

9.Blue Raleigh Arena Racer Sold (G. Henderson) 15

10.Blue Peugeot Racer cannibalised, frame dumped

11.Lilac Mountain Bike CURRENT (home) 1318 20

12.Green Puch Ladies Racer (RSL1) removed by college

13.Blue Ladies Town Bike Sold (A. Jones) Now disposed of.

14.Blue Gents Town Bike Sold (S. Bains)

15.Blue/Brown Ladies Racer Sold (Brasenose)* 10

16.Burgundy Sit Up and Beg disposed of

17.Suman's Mountain Bike cannibalised, frame dumped

18.Green Ladies Bike, SEF prize cannibalised, frame dumped

19.Raleigh Racer, broken frame cannibalised, frame dumped

20.Raleigh Racer, 19 NSE cannibalised, frame dumped

21.Dk Green Hun Bike (RSL2) stolen

22.Maroon Post Office Bike Donated to Walton street cycles

23.Gold & Stars Ladies Bike cannibalised, frame dumped

24.Blue Racer, Flats Jericho cannibalised, frame dumped

25.Blue Ladies lightweight cannibalised, frame dumped

26.Dk Blue BSA cannibalised, frame removed

27.Orange small ladies Racer Sold (C. Williams) fell apart 5

28.Black Puch Gents Racer cannibalised, frame dumped

29.Black Mountain Bike cannibalised, frame dumped

30.Blue Rod Brake Gents Bike Donated to J. Fraser Esq. , now stolen

31.Red Scorpion MTB Sold (friend of E. Maynard) 20

32.Red Wak Racer Sold (S. Dolan) 20

33.Red Racer (Grocke) Sold (friend of B. Fox) then stolen 10 **

34.Black Peugeot ladies' racer temporary; replaced then removed

35.Sprick Town Bike NSE moved to 5 Lincoln Road, dumped

36.Glen Bowman Racer Sold (R. Threllfall) 40

37.Orange Gitane Racer, Paul Wyer cannibalised, frame dumped Little Nellie

38.Silver town bike, Paul Wyer Sold (M. Staubwasser) 20

39.Black town bike Sold (P. Stevens) 10 cannibalised, frame dumped

40.Professional MTB black donated to D. Skeet

41.Ladies Town Bike (Sayers) Sold (G. Hebb) 10

42.Shopper, Dawes cannibalised, frame dumped (Assynt)

43.Boys' Raleigh Racer, white cannibalised, frame dumped

44.Girls' Raleigh Prima, pink cannibalised, frame dumped

45.Red Peugeot Racer (Wyer) Sold (M. Wozica) 35

46.Challenge 12 Bullet Racer cannibalised, frame dumped

47.Marlboro Ladies Bike cannibalised, frame dumped

48.Scarlet Raleigh Addison Cres cannibalised, frame dumped

49.Purple Ladies' Bike Redbridge tip Sold (E. Breman) 15

50.Ladies' Raleigh Caprice, Lilac cannibalised, frame dumped

51.Green Shopper Tory Boy stolen

52.Blue Ladies BSA Justin Brierley Sold (A. Hadden) 15

53.Purple Ladies' Town Bike (Wyer) Sold (friend of J. Hyde) 20

54.Green Ladies' Town Bike (Mekleburgh) Sold (L. Reeves) 8

55.Lightweight Grand Prix Racer Black donated to N. Charnley

56. Violet Trakatak Ladies' MTB Sold (E. Muldrew, but resold for 30) 35

57. Silver Al Carter Profesional MTB cannibalised, frame dumped

58. White Gents Town & Country Sold (friend of J. Brunt) 15

59. Vindec Atlantic Gents Blue Sold (G. Henderson) 15

60. Outback 2tone blue ladies MTB Sold (A. Loveridge) 25

61. Yellow Gents British Eagle MTB Sold (E. Bennett 15) Rob Simpson. Later abandoned.

62. Black Ladies' Roadster vandalised, then dumped Rosa Kleb

63. Blue/red Gent's Town Bike stolen!

64. Brown/Blue gent's Dawes racer Sold (M. Cook 20). Later abandoned.

65. Yellow and pink ladies MTB Sold (K. Wong) 30

66. Light coloured Claud Butler donated to J. Fraser Esq

67. Usher gents single speed disposed of in River Cherwell nr. Victoria Arms

68. Nicholson Green Shadow MTB stolen!

69. Halfords Commuter consigned to shed, 5 Lincoln Road

70. Muldrew Peugeot MTB cannibalised, frame dumped

71. Chris Walker Black Racer cannibalised, frame dumped

72. Chris Walker Focus Racer cannibalised, frame dumped

73. Suman Screwdriver MTB stolen!

74. Black sit-up-and-beg disposed of on Crick Road. Taken.

75. Small ladies' Triumph McAvoy stolen!

76. Blue McAvoy cannibalised, frame dumped

77. Blue Raleigh Wolfson rear wheel collapsed, hence disposed of

78. Short Bike, Fraser Rob Simpson, free of charge

79. Red and White, L&F based at Elsevier stolen! Papillion Soo Soo

80. Shogun MetroCity hybrid stolen!

81. Whiteley cannibalised, frame dumped

82. Haddad's Brown Raleigh Esquire cannibalised, frame dumped

83. Blue MTB Raleigh Marston CURRENT (home)

84. Blue Racer Iffley cannibalised, frame dumped Scaramanga

85. Raleigh special, Bears Hedge cannibalised, frame dumped

86. McAvoy donation (light colour racer) disposed of

87. Red BSA racer Stolen!

88. BSA sit up and beg (found by Polly) disposed of Achille Aubergine

89. Frankenbike cannibalised, frame dumped

90. Windsor Racer, skip in Western Road disposed of

91. Rudge ladies town bike removed from 62 Banbury Road annex

92. Eastbury old silver/blue racer stolen!

93. Freelance Regency

94. Dave mountain bike


* sold Dec 1998, cycle noted abandoned near Folly Bridge Inn July 2000.

** noted abandoned in vandalised state at Littlemore ring road underpass February 2001.